Callenders & Co. last week officially opened a London Office, located at Temple Chambers, near the United Kingdom’s Commercial Court. Managing Partner Colin Callender points out that *”law firms must now offer a transnational and intercontinental service to maintain the confidence of clients.”*

The new offices provide a closer location to the focus of the law firm’s client activity in Europe. With the large amount of cross-border litigation coming out of the UK and Europe, Senior Litigation Partner Michael Scott says a London location is considered essential in helping the firm maintain the level of service offered to international clients. It is also seen as a bridge between The Bahamas and the Far East, an area to which Callenders & Co. has been turning attention.

In the fast-growing China market, trust company management and capital markets have been identified as two particular areas of interest. Mr. Scott says Chinese companies going public are looking at tapping into capital markets and investors located in Latin and North America.