Barry Williams, Vice President of Finance for Cable Bahamas, reports a net income of $11.3 million for year end 2005, attributing last year’s earnings to an increase in subscriber numbers over the year, for both Internet and cable services. Overall, Mr Williams said that the company’s performance was “on target” with management’s expectations.

The company experienced consistent growth in Internet services, which provided a boost and slight advantage in that side of the business. *”Our customers have confidence in us, and in what we deliver, both from a residential and business perspective,”* Mr Williams said.

During 2005, Cable Bahamas converted the technology used to provide cable television services from analog to a fully digital platform.

Cable Bahamas is majority owned by some 2,500 Bahamians and the Government of The Bahamas. The company has been providing cable television services in The Bahamas since March 1995, and Internet services since March of 2000.