**Paul J. Winder, TEP**, Director of Business Development of Ansbacher (Bahamas Limited) is the **2005 Executive of the Year**.

Nominated by STEP Bahamas, and selected by an independent Blue Ribbon Panel, Mr. Winder was the choice for the EOTY Award as part of the annual **Industry Excellence Awards** programme hosted by the Bahamas Financial Services Board.

In a career spanning over 15 years in the financial services, Mr. Winder has simultaneously focused on creating highly targeted products and services in the international tax treaty and estate-planning arena. He has also worked on various government think tanks in the Turks and Caicos Islands and The Bahamas for progressive product legislation and regulation.

Mr. Winder has served as a panelist at various conferences co-authored Financial Times Law and Tax Asian edition whilst writing articles for the STEP Journal, Trusts and Trustees, and Offshore Investment. He is a member of the International Tax Planning Association, Offshore Institute and International Fiscal Association.

He has been on the Board of STEP Bahamas for the past four years, serving as Deputy Chairman, an elected position, for the last three years. STEP points to his excellent leadership skills, attested to by his recent appointment as a Director of Ansbacher. This shows the level of confidence his colleagues place in him, they say. *”He is willing to go the extra mile for his firm, the financial community of The Bahamas and for those who work with him. He works with enthusiasm, dedication and integrity, and enjoys the camaraderie of the workplace.”*

Mr. Winder is credited with being intimately involved with the establishment of STEP’s training facility at Goodman’s Bay and he also spearheaded the launch of the STEP Bahamas scholarship for local students. Paul continues to work with the overseas training body for STEP to ensure the smooth progression of students through the diploma course.

Ansbacher says that he is *”a recognised leader whose vision and operational expertise have proven invaluable as the company continues to grow and diversify its revenue.”*

The Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson, M.P., presented remarks at the Awards Banquet, noting that the occasion was one when industry celebrates one of the main reasons for success in financial services: the professionals who daily give first class service in the sector and build the image of The Bahamas as “Blue Chip, Well Regulated and Cooperative”. She continued, *”We all know that the strength of leaders is really tested and refined when, with vision, and determination they work to overcome challenges. Tonight we celebrate that fact that effective leadership within the Bahamian Financial Services sector has ensured that the sector continues to overcome challenges in a globally competitive environment.”*

Other winners of this year’s Awards include:

• **Crestwell Gardiner**, Fidelity Group of Companies: Professional of the Year

• **Francelyn Bethel**, Oceanic Bank & Trust: Achiever of the Year

• **Association of International Banks and Trust Companies**: Financial Services Development & Promotion Award

• **Christine Leo**, PricewaterhouseCoopers: Financial Services Student of the Year

* Photo shows Mr. Paul Winder accepting his award from the Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson.