**Allison Shipley

Allison Shipley is a scheduled Presenter at the October 5th Product Development Seminar being hosted by the Bahamas Financial Services Board under the theme: “Tax as a Driver of Wealth Management”. She will speak on the Seminar Session dealing with Onshore Models, reviewing developments within the United States as they relate to interaction with low and no tax jurisdictions.

Principal of PwC’s Personal Financial Services (PFS) group in the Florida practice, Ms. Shipley also serves as the Florida Markets Leader for the Human Resources Services line of business. With over sixteen years of experience in comprehensive financial counseling at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, Allison moved to Florida from the New York metropolitan area five years ago to implement the national PFS strategy in the state of Florida. Allison specialises in income tax planning, investment planning, and wealth transfer solutions. Her clients include high net worth individuals, business owners and corporate executives, many of whom are international.

Allison is a registered representative of PwC’s investment counseling subsidiary PwCIA. In addition, she is an instructor for professional education programs and a facilitator for the firm’s seminar program regarding all facets of financial planning.

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