Bahamian investment and financial services advisory firm **Montaque Securities International, Ltd.** has transferred several functions of the firm to two new companies, **Montaque Corporate Partners, Ltd.** and **Montaque Capital Partners, Ltd**. The three entities will collectively be known as **The Montaque Group**.

Owen Bethel, President and Managing Director of the Group, says * “the development was in response to the changes in the regulatory environment and the desire not only to streamline operations but also take advantage of new opportunities from a different perspective and marketing strategy.”* The new structure is expected to facilitate the marketing of specific products within each unit and allow the specialization of certain services by those units. Clients will be better able to identify exactly what it is that each company does and the services provided, while concurrently offering a seamless integration in the daily operation of the two companies.

A release from The Montaque Group said recent legislative initiatives to enhance the financial services sector, such as foundations and segregated cell companies, have increased interest in The Bahamas as a jurisdiction. Accordingly it became important that the company reflect more clearly but simultaneously isolate the services of family office, corporate/foundation formation and management, and ancillary advisory services, which will be handled by Montaque Corporate Partners, Ltd. The securities and investments operation, which will be refined as a facilitation service for utilization only by sophisticated investors and the structuring of private equity deals will be handled by Montaque Capital Partners, Ltd., which will also take a leading role as a principal investor and advisor in select direct investments, private equity and entrepreneurial ventures.

Montaque Securities International, Ltd. will continue to function as a private holding company with interests in the two operational companies.