The 29th Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean Basin will be held December 5-7 at the Hotel InterContinental in Miami, Florida. Hosted by Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA), the Miami Conference is the premier gathering of its kind that brings together senior public and private sector leaders from the Hemisphere – including Heads of State – to discuss trade, economic and policy issues in the Americas.

This year’s Conference, titled “A Prosperous Third Border”, will address current prospects for increased trade and investment in the Caribbean and Central America and how the benefits derived from these can be extended to all segments of society. The Conference will examine how a workable partnership can be created to more aggressively confront the twin challenges of worsening poverty and increased global competition. For the region to prosper, governments, civil society, and the private sector must work together to improve the quality of life for more of its citizens.

CCAA’s Miami Conference continues to be the only forum that focuses specific attention on the small economies of the Caribbean and Central America. Attendees are able to actively participate in a series of discussions with government and business leaders from the United States, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America on subjects vital to the agribusiness, apparel, energy, financial services, technology, telecommunications, transportation, and tourism industry sectors.

CCAA is a non-governmental organization that promotes private sector-led economic development in the Caribbean Basin. CCAA’s mission, Strengthening the Third Border®, is focused on improving the economic well-being of the people living and working in the region by facilitating increased trade and investment flows.