Cable Bahamas is significantly increasing Internet speeds on all of its CoralWave broadband Internet product offerings beginning December 1st, 2004.

André Foster, vice president of Information Technologies at Cable Bahamas announced today that the company can deliver the increases in speed because it has its own submarine fibre system right to the Internet backbone in the United States. *”This way we can control the quality all the way. With over 750 Mb/s to the Internet backbone there is no congestions, even at peak times.”*

CoralWave Lite, Cable Bahamas’ unlimited usage broadband product will see an increase of 400% of its current speed, to two megabits per second downstream.

CoralWave’s broadband-metered product, CoralWave Geo, will increase its speed to one megabit per second downstream, 200% faster than its current speed.

Other product changes include: CoralWave Jazz, which will also double its speed to one megabit per second downstream; CoralWave Groove which will increase to three megabits per second downstream; and CoralWave Rock which will jump to four megabits per second downstream.

David Burrows, Director of Marketing and Pay-per-View for Cable Bahamas, says *” “We know that speed and CoralWave’s unparalleled reliability are really important to our customers. It is for that reason we offer the highest speeds and the most comprehensive technical support with 24-hour technical assistance for our broadband services. “*

Cable Bahamas Ltd. is majority owned by 2,500 Bahamians and the Government of the Bahamas. The company’s 280 employees provide: (1) world-class cable television service on 16 Bahamian islands; (2) high-speed Internet access services in Grand Bahama, Abaco, Eleuthera and New Providence; (3) telecommunications services between The Bahamas and the rest of the world with a 1,000-kilometer submarine fiber-optic system owned and operated by Caribbean Crossings Ltd, a wholly–owned subsidiary; and (4) web-hosting, data center and disaster recovery services through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Maxil Communications Ltd. Cable Bahamas’ ordinary shares trade on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (Symbol: CAB).