In the wake of Hurricane Frances, the Ministry of Finance announced yesterday that the **Government of The Bahamas** in conjunction with the **Royal Bank of Canada** has reactivated its Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. Sen. the Hon. James Smith, the Minister of State for Finance and Mr. Ross McDonald, Senior Vice President, Royal Bank Bahamas & Caribbean, are co-chairs of this initiative.

The latest release from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism indicates that with the exception of Grand Bahama Island, most islands in the 700 island nation sustained minimal property damage from Hurricane Frances. Nassau International Airport is fully operational and cruise lines have returned to normal service into the Port of Nassau.

The Disaster Relief fund is used to assist with emergency relief efforts following disasters, and proceeds from the fund are intended for the following purposes:

• Emergency relief *(acquisition and delivery of water, food, and emergency supplies)*;

• Repair and construction efforts *(purchase of building and construction materials for distribution to uninsured private home owners experiencing serious damage to the dwellings)*; and

• The purchase or rental of equipment not readily available in Government Ministries and Departments but required in the restoration and reconstruction process.

No public infrastructure or capital works would be repaired or reinstated by the resources of the fund.

Individuals and companies wishing to contribute funds to the Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund can make deposits at any commercial bank in The Bahamas.

Entities outside of The Bahamas can wire funds as follows:

J.P. Morgan Chase, New York
No. 4 Chase Metrotech Centre, 7th Floor
Brooklyn NY 11245
ABA 021000021
For credit Account 001-1-188448
Royal Bank of Canada – Nassau, Bahamas
For further credit to Account No. 05625 12801013 into Bahamas Disaster
Relief & Recovery Fund