The Global Information Group has established an office in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Heading the group is Ben H. Bell, III, a former Director of the Office of National Risk Assessment (ONRA) in the US Transportation Security Administration. He describes Global Information Group as a company that hopes to “fight terrorism and major international financial crimes”, indicating that governments and commercial enterprises need to collect, analyse and act on as much good information as possible. *”There is a real need for solid international data that can help spot disturbing patterns, predict threats and protect citizens and borders.”*

According to the CEO, The Bahamas can become the information processing and aggregation centre of the region. Information processing businesses will give The Bahamas a chance to leverage the fibre optic broadband infrastructure installed by Cable Bahamas – which has the “second highest density of fibre in the world behind Belgium”.

Already, the company has established a partnership with the LexisNexis Group, which delivers legal, business, government and tax information to legal, corporate, government and academic clients in 100 countries on six continents.

Mr. Bell says The Bahamas is a trusted environment, and also touts its literate workforce, proximity to the US, political stability, legal system — and Freeport’s status as a business, transshipment and maritime hub.

Erik Russell, General Manager for Cable Bahamas in Freeport, says * “This is a watershed moment for The Bahamas. Global Information Group’s selection of The Bahamas is a clear confirmation that the jurisdiction has a lot going for it to be the world hub for data processing, storage and distribution.”*