Bank of The Bahamas International is marketing its comprehensive online banking services, with promises to customers that they will save time **and** money.

*”The whole idea of bringing technology to bear is to make it more convenient for the customer,”* according to Managing Director Paul McWeeney. *”With online banking, you can now save money buying a house, for instance. By completing a loan application on line, you benefit from reduced arrangement or commitment fees.”*

Bank of the Bahamas says many of the functions are unique – either on its website where customers can plug in key numbers and determine instantly whether or not they qualify for a loan or through online banking where they can handle financial matters as routine as reviewing their account or as sophisticated as applying for a mortgage.

In addition to the traditional uses like reviewing account history and balance, clients can apply for US dollars or other foreign currency, order new cheques, apply for a US dollar draft or Bank Manager’s cheque, request traveller’s cheques and specify which branch is most convenient for them to pick them up from, make a loan payment, transfer funds, request a fixed deposit investment, place a stop payment order or receive e-mails and text messages related to their banking needs, all in a secure environment. Businesses also will be able to handle payroll online, an advantage the bank sees as significant in increasing productivity and slicing lost time for employers and employees.

*”Everything we do is guided by a customer-concentric approach – how can we use technology to make it more convenient for our customers, to save them time and money,”* McWeeney noted. *”The introduction of comprehensive online banking is part of our way of preparing for increasing globalisation. In today’s world, you have to anticipate today what will be needed tomorrow. Preparation is not a luxury. It’s survival.”*