*”The growth of E-Business places a greater premium on strategic thinking. Use of the Internet per se cannot render a competitive advantage; rather firms that are able to build an E-Business component into their existing business strategy should be able to leverage proven capabilities for a competitive advantage. We believe this is the key to understanding the impact of E-Business on existing business processes.”* **BFSB E-Business Guide**

The Bahamas Financial Services Board feels that The Bahamas is ideally positioned to offer unique opportunities as a leading e-business hub in this region. It provides a range of options from virtual presence to full presence, which can draw on highly skilled professional services that have formed the backbone of this country’s pre-eminence in financial services. Further, it can accommodate fulfillment capabilities and offer leisure services unparalleled elsewhere. By tradition a service based jurisdiction, the move to an information-based economy for The Bahamas is considered a natural evolutionary step.

BFSB has released a digital E-Guide, *”Connect Your E-Business Strategy to The Bahamas”*, available only on the Web. (See link below). The publication focuses on The Bahamas’ digital agenda, and explains how the national commitment to an E-Business strategy, when combined with a number of significant advantages, positions The Bahamas as a viable location for implementing E-Business strategies.

*”Connect Your E-Business Strategy to the Bahamas”* was produced in cooperation with member firm sponsors Cable Bahamas Limited, Credit Suisse Trust Limited, Emagine (Bahamas) Ltd., FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited, IBM Bahamas Limited, KPMG Corporate Finance Ltd., Lennox Paton, Oceanic Bank & Trust Limited, Providence Technology Group, and Systems Resource Group. It is a project of BFSB’s E-Business Working Group.