This past week, the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) announced the listing of four new mutual funds:

· Premier Commercial Real Estate Investment Company Limited (PRE)

· The Colina MSI Preferred Investment Fund, Ltd. (CBA)

· The Colina Money Market Investment Fund, Ltd. (CMM)

· The Fidelity Bahamas Growth & Income Fund Limited (FGI)

Each mutual fund has its own dedicated space on the BISX website, with information specific to each fund displayed.

Keith Davies, BISX’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, says *”With the successful listing of these four mutual funds, BISX has made another significant leap in its history. We have been able overcome a number of obstacles, and begin the process of attracting new listings to BISX.”* BISX first launched the mutual fund Listing Facility in April 2001. Mr. Davies is optimistic that the exchange will be able to demonstrate the benefits of BISX listing to international mutual funds, ultimately attracting an international tier as well.

Colina Financial Advisors and Fidelity Merchant Bank and Trust Company have now become BISX Sponsor Members.

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange Limited (BISX) was incorporated in September 1999, launching its domestic market for the listing and trading of local public companies in 2000. Currently, there are seventeen domestic public companies listed on BISX.

Mr Davies recently announced arrangements with international online news provider Bloomberg L.P. to share information about BISX; a direct Bloomberg link also is provided from the BISX web site. He feels this alliance has raised the credibility of the exchange, while increasing the exposure of BISX to Bloomberg customers.