**Charmaine M. Smith (BBA-Accounting)**

Nominee: BFSB 2003 Financial Services Student Award

*”Consistently and willingly participates in training and endeavours to excel.”*

Employed as a Senior Assistant Manager in the Accounts Department of the Central Bank of the Bahamas, Ms. Smith completed her BBA degree under an in-service award. Previously, she had attained an AA degree in Banking & Finance from the COB. She has been employed by the Central Bank since 1979. She says she chose foreign language courses as electives during her bachelor’s course of study, recognising languages as a possible barrier to communications.

The Bahamas Financial Services Board last year introduced a student award programme to recognise outstanding College of the Bahamas graduates in various financial services sector disciplines. This is part of BFSB’s ongoing Financial Centre Focus initiative, a key component of which is to raise the profile of the industry and its practitioners.

The winner of the 2003 Award will recognised at BFSB’s Annual Industry Awards Banquet on October 4.