The Bank of Bahamas International has announced plans to “firmly” establish a platform for electronic banking services by the end of this year. Described as consumer driven, the wide range of e-banking services proposed to be launched will enhance efficiency and convenience for the bank’s customers. It is anticipated that the new services would be available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Traditional e-banking services of online loan applications, cheque re-ordering, draft requests, wire transfers, transfer of funds, term deposits, bill payments and monthly statements lead the list. Importantly, customers will be able to talk in “real time” electronically to customer service representatives and processing officers.

Additionally include in the raft of products are plans that will allow Bank of the Bahamas customers to access their local accounts from ATMs overseas, and the Bank also is investigating the possibility of providing a one-stop shop for payments on American Express credit cards.

Also under review is the development of a Bank store card, for use as credit at various points of sale on the island. Technology associated with this initiative would involve the use of thumbprints as a customer’s PIN number.

Paul J.I. McWeeney, Managing Director, said the Bank of the Bahamas International expects to be at the leading edge of technology within the next 6-12 months. *”The aim*, he said, *is to create shareholder value, and everything we do has that end objective.”*