**Enhancing Wealth Management Opportunities**

The Institute for International Research (IIR) will host its Thirteenth Annual International Trusts Forum in Nassau, June 11-13, in partnership with the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB).

At this highly-rated event participants will hear from trust experts on changes occurring within the trust industry in the past year. Expert panelists also will highlight how global, regulatory and financial restrictions are challenging planning initiatives for trust professionals.

International financial and legal developments have placed emphasis on implementing immediate practical anti-money laundering steps that will affect the processes of offshore private banking and financial services. Not only does this necessitate trust specialist to have current, up to date compliance knowledge, but they must also have a strong investment strategy in order to meet client expectations in a low yield market.

In the midst of this global, regulatory fine-tuning, trust practitioners must also continue to endorse new and innovative trust and estate planning techniques to meet the needs of an increasingly, knowledgeable client. How can you ensure that your trust and estate planning practices are in accordance with changing onshore and offshore regulatory and political effects? How will these changes affect your trust structuring initiatives?

The latest trust market information will be provided, allowing participants to:

* Stay Informed to the latest International Governing Initiatives and Predict Future Regulatory Developments

* Assess Alternative Structure to International Trusts such as Private Placements, Captives, Hedge Fund Wrap Products, and International Partnerships and how they Fit into your Overall Financial Strategy

* Hear how to Fill the Due Diligence Gaps between Regulatory Dictates and Applied Every Day Practices

* Discuss Tax, Legal and Disclosure Requirements for Offshore Trustee with US Settlors and Beneficiaries

* Analyse Financial Prospects and Correlating Structures in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil

* Learn Sophisticated Strategies in Pre-immigration, Post-expatriation, Non-Compliant Structure and Disclosure Practices when doing business in Europe

* Recognise and Maneuver through International Scams and Offshore Frauds

Pre and Post Conference Workshops will address “Exploring Offshore Trustee Investing Responsibilities and Options During a Bear Market” and “Understanding US Income Taxation of Foreign Trusts and Estates—A Nuts and Bolts Primer”. In these sessions, offshore trust experts will share best practices and their predictions of the future of the offshore trust arena.