BFSB last year launched a public education and awareness programme geared towards sustained growth and development of the financial services industry. Its strategic development plan for 2002 and beyond recognises the importance of maintaining this as an ongoing initiative.

CEO & Executive Director Wendy C. Warren says, *”This programme, Financial Centre Focus, seeks to integrate the industry with the wider community, addressing issues such as challenges facing the industry, improvements to the overall level of service, and attracting and maintaining qualified professionals.”*

The important role of quality human resources in industry development and success has been a key FCF component, with a number of training schemes incorporated into the programme. Already this year, BFSB has hosted Quality Service luncheons targetting industry Chief Executive Officers, Operations Officers, and Administrative Professionals.

Other initiatives planned for the remainder of the year include:

* Industry Orientation Session for COB Students (July)
* Quality Service Workshop For Client Relations Managers (August-September)
* Financial Services Week (September)
* COB School of Business Student Award (September)
* Industry Awards Programme 2002 (September)
* Industry Orientation Session for New Industry Entrants (September-October)
* Careers Fest 2002 (October)

Contact BFSB’s Offices for further details.