The Hon. Vincent Peet, M.P.
Minister of Labour and Immigration

**Labour Day Address**

The Government realises that in order *”to maintain our regional position and improve on it in a globalised world, there must be in place a highly skilled workforce, operating in a stable and amicable industrial climate,”*says Minister Peet. He has called on Bahamians to redouble their efforts in the performance of duties so as to show the world that the country is ready now.

Over the Labour Day weekend, the new Minister of Labour and Immigration outlined some of his Ministry’s objectives, announcing that an Advisory Committee is being commissioned to develop and recommend long term plans for improving the workplace environment. Harmony and productivity in the workplace features high on the list of goals the Ministry hopes to achieve.

*”We are living in an era that creates unprecedented need for change; change that is driven by the accelerating process of globalisation.”* In this process, he said, the Government will place emphasis on training, tooling and retooling of workers.

Specifically noting that the impact of new trends and industrial technology in the workplace make direct demands for a highly motivated, technically trained workforce, the Minister continued *”It is necessary to ensure that relevant training opportunities are provided for our youth so that they can participate meaningfully in the positive growth of our economy.”*

Also planned by the Ministry is a manpower survey to document labour demand skills, and to establish, maintain and project national labour needs to assist skill gaps.

Speaking at a recent function at the Bahamas Baptist College, Prime Minister Perry Christie also said that it is in the national interest, and a matter of national security, for Bahamians to be on the cutting edge as far as skills development is concerned, if they are to take their rightful place in the “global village.”