In a National Address last evening, newly-elected Prime Minister Perry G. Christie announced his full Cabinet, noting that all Ministers who had not already done so would take the Oath of Office at Government House today.

Saying that post elections it is now time for action, Prime Minister Christie reported that in order to aggressively tackle the challenges ahead it was necessary to put together a dynamic, broadly-based team of ministers.

*”In putting together my Cabinet, I have had particular regard to our national priorities. In this regard, I have sought to re-fashion and re-position pre-existing ministries to respond more directly and effectively to these national priorities,”*said the Prime Minister.

**PLP Cabinet of Ministers:**

Hon. Perry G. Christie, M.P.
Prime Minister & Minister of Finance

Hon. Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt, M.P.
Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of National Security

Hon. Alfred Sears, M.P.
Attorney General & Minister Of Education

Hon. Allyson Maynard Gibson, M.P.
Minister of Financial Services & Investments

Hon. Vincent Peet, M.P.
Minister of Labour & Immigration

Hon. Fred Mitchell, M.P.
Minister of Foreign Affairs & Public Service

Hon. Shane Gibson, M.P.
Minister of Housing & National Insurance

Hon. Obie Wilchcombe, M.P.
Minister of Tourism

Hon. Leslie Miller, M.P.
Minister of Trade & Industry

Hon. Neville Wisdom, M.P.
Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture

Hon. Dr. Marcus Bethel
Minister of Health & Environmental Services

Hon. Melanie Griffin, M.P.
Minister of Social Services & Community Development

Hon. Bradley Roberts
Minister of Works & Utilities

Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, M.P.
Minister of Transport & Aviation

Hon. V. Alfred Gray, M.P.
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries & Local Government

Hon. James Smith
Minister of State, Ministry of Finance

Minister Peet will also serve as Leader of Government Business In The House of Assembly.

**Financial Services Focus**

In the PLP’s Election Platform (Our Plan), the Prime Minister had committed to appointing a person of Cabinet rank to head the promotion of the Financial Services Industry and to significantly increase the budget for financial services promotions.

In announcing the appointment of Minister Maynard Gibson, he said, *”There can be no question in anyone’s mind that reviving and restoring the economy of The Bahamas must be a major priority for my Government. To this end, and as promised in Our Plan for Government, I have created a new Ministry of Financial Services and Investments. The main focus of this Ministry will be to provide leadership and direction in restoring The Bahamas to the pre-eminent position it once enjoyed as an international financial and banking centre.*

This Ministry will also have as its role the task of mounting and sustaining an aggressive campaign both locally and internationally to attract new investment in all areas of economic life, whether touristic, industrial or otherwise.

With regard to the incoming Attorney General, reference was made to Minister Sears’ strong background in jurisprudence which *”will serve him well in playing a pivotal role in advancing my Government’s agenda for law reform and constitutional reform as laid out in my Party’s Election Platform”.*

Mr. Christie indicated that he has chosen to involve other Members of Parliament and the soon to be appointed Senators in the Government’s activities. *”I shall assign to Members of Parliament and Senators specific tasks so that they have important roles to play in the new administration,”* he said, adding that all will be fully involved in the administration.

**Code of Ethics**

The Prime Minister has assured the Bahamian people that of all the campaign commitments made there is none that he takes more seriously than his commitment to integrity. To this end, all ministers will formally adopt the strictest code of ethics in the political life of the country, such to be reinforced by a new Public Integrity Act.

Indications were that the Code will be communicated to Parliament in full detail at the first working session of the House of Assembly.

*”I am determined to lead a government of integrity. Your Prime Minister and all his ministers will therefore be held to the highest standards of transparency and accountability in the stewardship of your affairs. You deserve nothing less of your public servants.”*pledged Mr. Christie.