We are pleased to bring you this special “Elections Issue” of the BFSB Online Newsletter.

The new Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas has pledged, among other commitments, to secure the financial services sector; expand economic opportunities for Bahamians through diversification; to welcome foreign investors, replacing red tape with a red carpet to stimulate investment; and to promote real estate development.

Stating that a sound economy is essential to sustain the life, health and happiness of a people, the PLP Government has affirmed that one of its primary economic objectives will be to create an economy upon which a high quality of life for all can be attained and maintained.

The Government has committed to being a catalyst for economic growth and development, providing first and foremost a secure and harmonious environment in which the private sector can flourish.

In an Address to the Nation on Thursday, May 9, the Prime Minister announced his new Cabinet. Key appointments relative to the financial services industry include:

Hon. Perry G. Christie,
Minister of Finance

Hon. James H. Smith,
Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance

Hon. Allyson Maynard Gibson,
Minister of Financial Services & Investments

Hon. Alfred Sears,
Attorney General

We will be bringing you further updates on other Cabinet and Senate appointments.