Data Systems International (DSI) has announced that The Winterbotham Group has licensed two of the Modules in the IPBS2000 suite of financial services programmes, namely the “Mutual Funds and Share Registry” module and the “Trust Accounting” module. The International Private Banking Systems software package is a Microsoft Windows based platform, described as a turnkey software application package providing multiple entity, multi currency management and accounting information systems to the international financial services industry.

The Winterbotham Group is a privately held group of companies renowned for its tailor-made financial fiduciary and administrative services worldwide to corporate and institutional customers, and to shareholders. The Group maintains staffs in both Nassau and Uruguay, and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the Internet was created to link offices in both locations, providing online real time access to the IPBS2000 system. Effectively, staff in both countries can operate with the same software and database. The Internet-based IPBS solution is known as IPBS.NET, and DSI made the first of several such installations last year for Brazilian owned Trend Bank Limited. At that time, DSI built VPNs to link Trend Bank’s operations across three countries.

Bruce Raine, DSI President, said *”In the international world of financial services, requirements like those of Trend Bank Ltd. and The Winterbotham Group are becoming typical. The global village is here, and geographical borders are no more.”* Historically, DSI’s primary business has been in the IPBS200 “Private Banking” module, but the company has seen a recent increase in interest for the “Mutual Fund and Share Registry” module. Mr. Raine thinks this is related to the fact that it is the industry least impacted by ongoing changes in the international financial services market.

Bahamian-owned and staffed Data Systems International maintains offices both in Nassau and Grand Cayman, the latter considered its second major business market. It was the first Bahamian company to export a technology-based product.