Business Community E-Business Outreach

BFSB is sponsoring a half-day eBusiness Seminar on March 11, under the theme *”Fusing Technology and Business Development Into The Legislative Framework”.*

The programme is divided into two sessions, covering (i) The Practical Implications of Enabling Legislation and (ii) Business Development Issues.

Local Presenters include:

-Rowena Bethel, Legal Counsel, Ministry of Finance
-Judith Smith, Legal Counsel, Public Utilities Commission
-Barry J. Malcolm, Executive Vice President, Grand Bahama Port Authority
-Michael Atkin, Vice President, Maxil Communications

International Presenters include:

-Matthew Barnett, Chief Technology Officer, Certeca (offshore e-Security company)
-Ozzie Schindler, International Tax Planner, Baker & MacKenzie (international law firm)

A representative from the IBM Institute of Advance Commerce (IAC) will discuss selected models of eCommerce.

Ms. Bethel will speak on the draft eCommerce legislation and the requirements to be imposed on Bahamian business, Ms. Smith will speak to the regulatory implications of the Legislation from the PUC’s perspective, and Mr. Schindler will discuss the international taxation of eCommerce, including planning ideas and policy issues. Other speakers will cover specific business development issues.

The Seminar is being held at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel, between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon. Contact BFSB’s offices for registration details.