Systems Resource Group (SRG) reports that its wireless spread spectrum system allows users to access the Internet at exhilarating speeds of up to 11 megabytes per second. Through its subsidiary, Bahamas On-Line, SRG has installed high-tech antennas on most major buildings in downtown Nassau – including Charlotte House, Norfolk House and the British American Insurance Building on Cumberland Street.

The performance of wireless Internet enables businesses to enjoy connecting to the Internet hundreds of times faster than by the traditional dial-up technique. Wireless transmitters can provide businesses operating in the same building separate airways to the Internet without a modem. The wireless system supplies businesses with direct, to the desktop email and an always-on connection for browsing the Internet or e-commerce.

The wireless Internet connection is not compromised through multiple-users, regardless of the number. Entering cyberspace through wireless also gives dedicated Internet service and the advantage of added security as opposed to the shared environment other sources supply.

*”Wireless does not suffer the same limitations that shared networks as cable, do. Companies that use our wireless systems have a higher level of comfort that the information they are sending or retrieving is secure, and also that it is immune from the performance bottlenecks that can affect other, shared networks at peak periods,”* says Andrew Howson, Engineer, Systems Resource Group.

SRG provides turnkey, project-managed solutions that encompass business equipment, software applications, systems and network integration, consulting services, electronic commerce and wide area communications. SRG has offices in both Nassau and Freeport.