Law Firm Lennox Paton will be opening an office in London, effective November 1. Company representatives report that the benefits will be client service, firstly, as Lennox Paton office will be open 18 hours a day; however, secondary benefits are send as the opportunity to market “to new business” that is not presently coming to The Bahamas. In addition to strengthening ties with English law firms, Lennox Paton will be making an outreach to banks and trust companies bringing new business to The Bahamas, and to mutual fund administrators servicing clients who have London-based operations – among others.

*”I am very pleased to see this development of our industry and wish to congratulate Lennox Paton for taking this significant step. This extension of our professional services capabilities will not only inure to the benefit of Lennox Paton but to the jurisdiction.”* says Wendy C. Warren, BFSB’s Executive Director.

Ms. Warren added that legal firms play a pivotal role in sustaining and growing the financial sector in The Bahamas. *”Our future is further strengthened through increased international integration of Bahamas based firms and the number of professionals expert in areas such as securities and tax planning. We wish Lennox Paton success in this new venture”,*she continued.