Bahamian financial services and banking systems software company Data Systems International (DSI) recently completed an IPSB2000 installation at a new bank in the Eastern Caribbean. A combined team of Caribbean and Bahamian technical experts mobilised to install DSI’s private banking software package for the American Investment and Finance Bank in Roseau, Dominica.

The IPBS2000 platform provides a simple to understand, easy to operate system meeting the demands of internationally active private offshore banks. In order to accommodate the need for a multi-lingual Internet interface, DSI engineered its Internet platform to allow a virtually unlimited language capability to the client interface. Certain asset management and audit functions of AIF will be carried out remotely from Europe and the US, and private encrypted networks (VPNs) were created over the Internet to allow full access to the system for these functions.

DSI has indicated that this project was particularly rewarding and enjoyable as it provided the opportunity to build a bank’s technology platform from scratch.