Working closely with the newly formed Financial Services Industry Professional Association Working Group, BFSB is developing the framework for an ongoing, year-round programme designed to educate the public and build awareness about the multi-faceted financial services industry of The Bahamas.

The outreach will target industry professionals as well — but will not be limited to the top CEO and management levels. CEO & Executive Director Wendy C. Warren points out that BFSB feels strongly that it has a responsibility in creating a new generation of industry professionals. *”A common sense of pride, dedication and loyalty that can be passed on by our stakeholders and gatekeepers is critical to industry development”*, says Ms. Warren. *”We have a role to play in engendering this spirit within our number two industry, given its economic impact”*, she continued.

A “Financial Services Week” at the end of September will highlight some of the activities already introduced and launch others. BFSB’s Annual General Meeting and an Awards Presentation will be scheduled during the Week as well., the premier industry www site, will be used as a key promotional medium throughout this ongoing “Financial Centre Focus” programme and, in fact, is being positioned by BFSB as an information clearing house for a broad range of industry developments and latest industry news postings.

Redesigned by web application development firm Thyme Online Ltd., BFSB’s site now provides a more content-based interface. It allows repeat visitors to view new and updated content from the opening page, while still allowing new visitors to access archives of older content. The navigation system has been redesigned as well, in order to provide a simple and intuitive way to access site contents.

Thyme Online also specialises in e-commerce solutions and, earlier this year, teamed with Axxess International to develop an online B$ credit card transaction system — facilitating the sale of BFSB’s Financial Services Guide from the site.