BFSB’s 2001 European Briefing sessions, originally scheduled during June, have now been rescheduled for September, with an added component into North America during the beginning of October:

European Sessions

– London: September 6 – 10
– Geneva: September 11
– Zurich: September 12
– Lugano: September 13

North American Sessions

– Washington: October 1
– New York: October 2 – 3
– Toronto: October 4
– Montreal: October 5

The Latin American component has not been rescheduled as yet, although tentative plans call for the visits during April, 2002. The proposal is to plan dates which will coincide with the Shorex Conference, scheduled for April 16 – 17

The meetings and information exchanges planned for each of the visits will serve to reaffirm The Bahamas as the jurisdiction of choice for the conduct of legitimate international business.