BFSB Business Plan 2001 called for an outreach to industry stakeholders and gatekeepers as it developed strategies, capturing the collective intelligence of all stakeholders and interested persons to formulate a long-range plan for the industry.

A part of this outreach will include Intermediary Briefings in the UK and Europe. Such meetings are considered key to providing The Bahamas’ external contacts with the latest developments in the financial services industry and ensuring that the jurisdiction maintains the traditional high profile in these markets.

The “Debriefing Sessions” initially planned for London and Switzerland in June have been postponed to September.

During this year, BFSB also is encouraging strong Bahamas’ representation for a number of major conferences which focus on areas of international financial services. As such, a delegation will still attend the Transcontinental Trusts Conference scheduled for June 17 – 18 in Geneva, and originally included in the programme for the June Debriefing Sessions.