Mr. Gerry Ritchie is the new Chief Executive Officer at the Bahamas International Securities Exchange. Mr. Ritchie is an experienced professional, with a background in stock exchange strategic advisory services and market regulation. Additionally, the new CEO has extensive experience in securities market product development – including domestic, international, emerging and offshore markets.

During 2000, Mr. Ritchie worked as a consultant on various aspects of the formation of BISX, establishing both sound knowledge of the Bahamian capital market and relationships with local regulators, domestic listed companies and the offshore funds industry of The Bahamas.

Operating under the broad mandate of creating “a state-of-the-art securities exchange for the delivery of innovative and efficient financial services”, BISX launched its domestic market in May, 2000 for the listing and trading of local public companies. Currently, preparations are underway for the start up of its international segment, targeting mutual fund listings.