Members of BFSB’s Executive Committee
will be visiting London, Jersey, and
Guernsey between May 21-26.

While in London, meetings have been
scheduled with Leopold Joseph, Rothschild,
The Royal Bank of Scotland, and
S.G. Hambros. These member affiliates
are hosting forums with their principals
and intermediaries, providing the
opportunity for BFSB to present an
update on the financial services
industry in The Bahamas. Meetings are
being held with the International
Underwriting Association of London,
and The Friends of The Bahamas as

While in Jersey and Guernsey, BFSB
will take the opportunity to meet
with industry counterparts —
discussing issues of common concern
to international financial centres.

BFSB member affiliates in Jersey and
Guernsey will host the visiting
delegation and facilitate business
contacts. These include Chase
Manhattan in Jersey and MeesPierson
and Leopold Joseph in Guernsey.